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The Academic Advising Program of the College of Arts & Sciences is comprised of full-time professional advisors, administrators and staff as well as faculty who spend part of their time advising in our office.  We serve all first-year students and sophomores and students in their junior and senior years with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Please peruse the links below to become familiar with our office.

Alphabetical Directory: An alphabetical list of all personnel working within the Academic Advising Program

Roles within Academic Advising:  Short descriptions of responsibilities for different advising personnel

AdvisorsFaculty AdvisorsGraduation AdvisorsDeansStaff

Advising DivisionsLists of advisors, staff, majors and minors associated with each advising division

Fine Arts & Humanities - Natural Sciences & Mathematics - Social & Behavioral SciencesGraduation Division Administration

Disciplines, Divisions and DepartmentsUndergraduate fields of study with associated advising divisions, degree options and home departments, curricula or schools.