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April 1, 2014

Fall ’14 Term Registration Begins

Fall 2014 Registration begins according to Registration Schedule for for Undergraduate students with 8 or more terms in residence.  Student registering for any other term in residence should confirm their registration appointment.

Student may confirm their registration information be visiting their Student Center page and looking for the blue box to the right for “Enrollment Dates”.

April 25, 2014

Exam Excuses by April 25th

Need an Exam Excuse, then come by Steele during our regular Drop In hours daily from 11am – 12pm and then 2pm – 4pm.  Any advisor can provide a student with 2 exams at the same time OR 3 exams within 24 hours an exam excuse.

For other reasons students will need to see a Dean.  And if you wait until after the 25th students must see a dean for an exam excuse no matter the reason. So just stop by and see an advisor if you need an exam excuse before April 24th.

Transfer Student Welcome Reception

Transfer Student Welcome Reception

RSVP Here: https://apps.research.unc.edu//events/index.cfm?event=events.eventDetails&event_key=D57A908D42034B9C5A307150D70A055103A87811

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