Congratulations on nearing graduation.  This is a time filled with excitement and anxiety. In addition to checking in with your advisor, there are some other steps to take and resources to use. Here is a helpful handout to guide you in the graduation process.

Graduation application

You should apply to graduate only if you expect to have all requirements completed by the last day of the term.  See the Graduation Application section of our website for more information on how to apply. If you change your course registration after the letter is processed and/or need to withdraw your application, it is your responsibility to promptly notify the Graduation Coordinator.

Senior Underload

If your remaining requirements are fewer than 12 hours, you may apply for a senior underload.  See the Senior Underload section of our website for information.

Campus Commencement Information

Requesting An Additional Semester

  • Students who entered college in May 2007 or later are expected to complete requirements for a degree program and to graduate within eight semesters of full-time fall/spring enrollment. Under rare and extenuating circumstances, students may request permission to enroll for an additional fall or spring semester. Students who are permitted to enroll in an additional semester may graduate with only a single major and no minor, even if all the work for the minor or second major has been completed.

Taking Courses After Graduation

  • If you need to complete additional coursework for future work or study after graduation, consider taking campus courses as a non-degree post-baccalaureate student through the Friday Center, through Summer School, or at another institution.