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  4. Sign up and Complete: Sakai – Academic Advising for the Class of 2020

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First-Year Student Checklist (2016)
First-Year Student Checklist — International Students (2016)
Undergraduate Catalog
Advising Guide-For First Year Students (2016)
Academic Planning Worksheet 2016
First Year Seminars
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Foreign Languages That Meet General Education FL Requirement
Information for Native or Experiential Speakers of a Foreign Language
Tar Heel Tracker
Chemistry 101
All students enrolling in Chemistry 101 in the fall semester are advised to take a readiness assessment online and complete a thorough pre-class preparation program called ALEKS prior to the start of the semester.  Completion of the ALEKS program within the first weeks of the semester will count towards a student’s class grade.   For more information, see


Information for Undecided Students
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Professional School Majors Offered at UNC-Chapel Hill
Beginning Classes/Contacts for Majors

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Math Placement Information
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UNC-CH Online Foreign Language Placement Test (French, German, Spanish, Latin only)
2016 On-Campus Placement Exams


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