Below are a few information fact sheets for some of our more popular majors. All information is valid for for year indicated. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information.

Biology Major Information 2016
Biomedical Engineering Information
Business School 2017-2018
Chemistry Major Information 2016
Education Major – Human Dev. & Family Studies 2016
Education Minor 2016
Education–Master in Teaching 2016
Exercise and Sport Science Major Information 2016
Health Professions Information
Media and Journalism Major Information 2016
Music Major 2016
Physics Major 2016
Pre-Med Requirements
Public Health-Environmental Health 2015
Public Health-Biostatistics 2016
Public Health-Nutrition 2016
Public Health-Health Policy & Management 2016
Nursing Guide 2016
Psychology Major Options 2016
Quantitative Physics BA 2016