This policy applies to students who:

  • entered UNC-CH as a first-year student in fall 2014 or later.
  • entered UNC-CH as a transfer student in fall 2016 or later.

General Rules

  • You may drop a course online through ConnectCarolina through the second week of the fall/spring term, as long as you will not go below the minimum 12 academic hours required.
  • After the second week of class, you must submit add, drop, and audit requests through your college or school dean’s office.
  • If you are a junior or senior in a professional school, you must conduct adds, drops, and audit requests through your professional school regardless of whether or not the course is offered by a department in that school.
  • If you are a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you must conduct add, drop, and audit requests through the Academic Advising Program. The processes for dropping classes in the College of Arts and Sciences follows.
  • If you are seeking an exception to the standard course load limits you should review the approval guidelines for overload and underload.

Dropping Classes

During the Online Registration Period

You may drop classes from your schedule on ConnectCarolina through the tenth day of class during fall and spring terms, through the second day of class during Maymesters, and through the third day of class during summer terms one and two. You should confirm your registration period on ConnectCarolina and identify important dates and deadlines on the University Registrar’s calendar.

To maintain full-time status at the University during fall or spring terms, you must be enrolled in at least 12 academic hours of coursework. If you have extenuating circumstances you should see an academic advisor to discuss the possibility of a credit underload to enroll in less than 12 academic hours.

After the Online Registration Period

After the online drop period, you may drop a class through the eighth week of classes during fall and spring terms, as long as you remain enrolled in at least 12 academic hours (PHYA courses do not count as academic hours). You are advised to check the University Registrar calendar to identify specific dates and deadlines for the terms in which you are registered.

If you need to drop all courses in a term, you should consult the withdrawal section of this website.

Weeks three through eight: you may drop a course as follows:

  • Students should not stop attending any class or completing assignments unless and until their academic advisor or dean officially approves dropping the course from the student’s schedule.
  • Students who wish to drop a course must obtain a registration/drop/add form from their academic advisor.  Both the advisor and student must sign the form.
  • Students may not drop below 12 academic hours.
  • For courses dropped during this period, a grade of WC (withdrawal by  choice) shall be recorded internally; a grade of W will appear on the student’s transcripts. 
  • Once declared, a WC grade cannot be rescinded except when a student withdraws from an entire semester due to extenuating circumstances.
  • WC grades are not calculated into your UNC-CH grade point average.
  • Students are allowed no more than 16 hours of WC grades during their undergraduate career.

Students are not permitted to drop ENGL 100, ENGL 105/105I, or foreign language levels 1 through 3 being used to fulfill the Foundations requirement at any time during the semester, unless approved by a dean in the Academic Advising Program.

Procedures for dropping after the second week of class through Academic Advising

  1. Meet with an academic advisor during advising drop-in hours.
  2. Determine with advisor whether or not drop is possible.
  3. Discuss with your advisor any related concerns such as academic planning, full-time status, probation, and eligibility.
  4. Complete and submit add/drop/audit form with advisor.
  5. Reminder: you may not drop ENGL 100, 105 or any foreign language course being used to fulfill the UNC foreign language requirement.  Exceptions, based on rare, non-academic circumstances affecting that particular course, must be approved by an academic dean.

After the Eighth Week of Classes: Appealing to Drop a Class

If you want to drop a class after the eighth week of classes, or if a drop would leave you with fewer than 12 hours, then you must appeal to drop a class. For details, please see the Academic Appeals page.