Important:  Academic Advising serves only students matriculated at UNC-Chapel Hill.  If you are interested in applying to UNC-CH and have questions about academics, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


If you are not sure who to contact, use the following guidelines:

Faculty – Use our directories to identify administrators, advisors or staff working with majors/minors in your discipline.

Students – Identify your assigned advisor in the Student Center in ConnectCarolina. You may choose to contact a different advisor serving the major/minor you wish to discuss.


The best way for a student to see an academic advisor is during a scheduled appointment.  Additionally, some advisors are available on a drop-in basis for brief consultations Monday through Friday. You should read more about appointments and drop-ins to determine which is best for your situation.

Faculty may request to see an available advisor or dean at any time.


Email and other contact information may be found in our Directory. 

Students: Consider the following when emailing an advisor.

  • ALWAYS include your legal name and PID in all correspondences.
  • Appointments are only made online and not via email.
  • During peak times, such as registration periods and the first week of classes, advisors may not be able to immediately respond to your email.  Please be patient for a response. If it is an urgent matter, come to our drop-ins.
  • Please email only one advisor at a time with your inquiry.  Emailing multiple advisors at the same time may actually delay a response.


Main number:  (919) 966-5116

General fax:  (919) 962-6888; Fax for petitions/appeals (919) 843-4775

Direct phone numbers for deans and advisors are available in our directory.

  • The main number is answered Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, except on University holidays.  In an urgent situation, this is the best number to call.
  • Because advisors are usually meeting with students during the day, it is difficult for advisors to pick up the phones, but they will return calls as quickly as their schedules permit.
  • If you choose to leave a message, please include your name, PID and phone number.  Speak slowly and clearly.  Be patient, the advisor will respond as soon as other duties allow.
  • If you have scheduled a phone appointment via our online system, please call the advisor directly, using the number on your confirmation email (you can also find it here). If the phone is not answered, please leave a message (include your phone number); the advisor may be finishing up with the previous student.


  • If you have scheduled a Skype appointment through our online system, remember to send the advisor a contact request before the scheduled meeting time.
  • Occasionally, Skype connections will not support both audio and video contact.  In this case you and/or the advisor may need to turn the video feed off to maintain the audio connection.  Note that wireless connections are particularly prone to this difficulty.  Please connect directly to your network if possible.


The Academic Advising Program is located in Steele Building on the northern part of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, by South Building, the Old Well, and Playmakers Theatre.

Physical Address Mailing Address
Steele Building Academic Advising Program, Campus Box 3110
214 E. Cameron Ave University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3110 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3110

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Bus route:  Steele Building is on the RU line.