The Academic Advising Program is a unit of the Office of Undergraduate Education in the College of Arts & Sciences (see graphic below).  Internally, we are grouped into three advising divisions which mirror the Academic Divisions of the College and a fourth division focused on clearing students for graduation.  While any advisor can assist any student, each division includes deans, professional advisors, faculty advisors and staff who focus on a particular set of majors and minors  (read more…).  Additional support staff include our office manager, student services manager and eligibility specialist.

Our internal structure:  

Associate Dean
 Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences STEM Hardin Hub Graduation Division Administration
Senior Assistant & Assistant Deans Graduation Coordinator  Administrative Manager
 Senior Advisors & Advisors  Senior Advisors Student Services Manager
 Faculty Advisors  Faculty Advisors Eligibility Specialist
 Student Services Assistants  Student Services Assistants  Assistant to the Dean


How we fit within the University:

 Provost (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs)
College of Arts & Sciences Other Schools and Colleges
Office of Undergraduate Education Other Advising Programs
Academic Advising Program