Majors and minors are grouped according to divisions, allowing advisors to develop expertise in specific disciplines.  The deans and advisors in each division maintain close contact with the academic departments so that they have the latest and most accurate information to share with students.

All divisions serve undecided students.  While exploring potential fields of interest, students can meet with an advisor who works with the major(s) of interest.  If the exploration crosses divisional lines, students may meet with more than one advisor.

At New Student Orientation, many students indicate a primary academic interest or major.  Each student is assigned to an advisor working in the academic division serving their primary major.  You can identify your division in one of two ways:  use our “Disciplines, Divisions and Departments” list, or click on one of the divisions below to see which fields of study are covered by each.  Advisors in the Hardin Hub serve all majors.

Professional school majors are not part of the College of Arts & Sciences. Since students interested in these majors receive advising from Academic Advising Program advisors as first-year students and sophomores, they are included on the divisional lists above.  Students accepted into the professional schools are advised in their new academic home.