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Please review the following appeals questions and compose your responses prior to beginning the online form.

  1. Share the factors that were beyond your control and contributed to your academic situation.
  2. Describe how these factors had a direct impact on your academic performance.Be as specific as possible.If you were doing well until the circumstances occurred, please explain that situation.If you performed well in some courses but not others, be clear about what factors influenced your performance in that specific course and why other courses were not affected.
  3. Describe the actions you took during the semester in question to address your academic issues, including the type and frequency of on-­‐or off-­‐campus resources you used.
  4. Describe actions you are currently taking to address the issue.It is helpful to share the names of specific people with whom you are in contact and the resources you are using.
  5. Is the problem resolved or is it ongoing?Outline your plan going forward and any actions you will take to prevent this situation from happening again.
  6. Are there other factors the committee needs to consider as part of your appeal?