Portrait of Molly Drilling

Molly Drilling

Advisor, Thrive Hubs

LocationSteele Building, Room 2008


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Get to know

Alma Mater

Iowa State University (undergrad), Indiana University (graduate)


B.S. Psychology; M.S. Counseling and Counselor Education

What I enjoy most about working with students:

Getting to mentor and contribute to their growth, wellness, and educational goals.

My hometown:

Madrid, Iowa

First job out of college:

Counselor (mental health) at Clemson University

Lowest grade I got as an undergrad:

D in Cognitive Psychology

If I didn’t work for Advising I would:

Probably work in another capacity helping students succeed, pursue wellness, and promote social justice. Possibly interior design or landscape design.

Bucket list item

So many! Learn how to surf and spend a month or more surfing in Hawaii.