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Sarah Wood

Advisor, Thrive Hubs

LocationSteele Building, Room 2010


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Alma Mater

Binghamton University (undergraduate) & Syracuse University (graduate)


B.S. in Human Development, M.S. in Higher Postsecondary Education

What I enjoy most about working with students:

I love being able to connect and build relationships with students and help in whatever ways I can to make their college experiences easier and more enjoyable. I also love seeing students grow and change as they navigate their collegiate journey!

My hometown:

Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!)

First job out of college:

I took a year off between my undergraduate and graduate schooling and learned a valuable skill- waitressing! However, I don’t think I was quite cut out for that kind of position (props to those who are!)

Lowest grade I got as an undergrad:

“A-“ as I forgot to write down a paper due date and turned it in late. Always write down your due dates!

If I didn’t work for Advising I would:

I would love to work for a college access/opportunity program. If I didn’t have to work AT ALL, you could probably find me living my cottage-core dream and oil painting in a meadow or something of that nature.

Bucket list item

Travel to see as much of the world as I possibly can!