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Alma Mater

Washington University in St. Louis


Bachelor of Arts in Psychological and Brain Sciences; Master of Science in Student Affairs and Higher Education

What I enjoy most about working with students:

I enjoy getting to know students, their passions, and their dreams, and it’s such a joy to work with students as they progress and actualize those dreams. 

My hometown:

Acworth, Georgia 

First job out of college:

I worked as a graduate assistant at Colorado State University as an Assistant Residence Director

Lowest grade I got as an undergrad:

I got a C in Physics. 

If I didn’t work for Advising I would:

I would host my own YouTube channel, reacting to and analyzing the psychology and filmmaking of movies and tv shows. It’d be fun. 

Bucket list item

Skydiving. Or buying a house with a big back yard, so I could build a rollercoaster back there. Whichever comes first.