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Thank you for visiting our virtual “Fall into your Major”. Below you will find links to recordings for a number of conversations that we have had with academic departments and professional schools across campus. Our hope with this page, is that it will be a kickstart to your exploration of a new major or minor. These video will introduce you to the major/minor and provide you a contact to continue your exploration. We have also noted next to each video if it was made during the 2020-2020, 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 academic year.

Thank you for viewing and please connect with academic advising in drop ins or through an appointment to learn more about a major. 

Thank you for participating!


College of Arts & Sciences




American Studies (2020)



Anthropology (2020)



Applied Sciences and Engineering Minor (2021). Learn more about the first graduates of the minor here




Biology (2021)

Biology (2022-new curriculum for students entering in Fall of 2022)




Chemistry (2020)




Classics (2022)



Communication (2020)






Dramatic Art  (2021)




Economics (2020)





Geography (2020)



GSLL (2022)



Global Studies (2020)




Linguistics (2020)


Mathematics   (2020)




Neuroscience  (2020)




Philosophy (2023)


Physics (2021)



PPE (2021)



Psychology (2020)



Public Policy (2021)






Sociology (2020)






Professional Schools




Dental Hygiene (2020)










Additional Resources




March 2022 presentation