Tar Heel Tracker, Academic Worksheets, and the Undergraduate Bulletin are three key ways to identify and explore curriculum requirements, including general education, major, and minor requirements. You are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor as you plan courses and track degree progress. More information about the curriculum is available on the Office of Undergraduate Curricula’s Making Connections Curriculum and Majors and Minors web pages.

If you are unsure which major you wish to pursue, check out these resources:  Disciplines, Divisions and Departments and Undecided Students

Tar Heel Tracker

Tar Heel Tracker (THT) is Carolina’s degree audit system, available in ConnectCarolina. A THT degree audit shows your progress toward degree completion. You may also explore majors using THT by running “What-If” reports for prospective majors and minors. THT is a helpful tool but not always accurate. Therefore, you need to meet with an academic advisor to plan courses and track degree progress. THT is available to most students who matriculated to Carolina in Fall 2009 and later.

Academic Worksheets

Academic Worksheets provide another way for you to explore majors and track degree progress. A worksheet shows all the requirements needed for the completion of degree requirements. As you make academic progress, you and your advisor check off completed courses and identify remaining requirements. Worksheets should be used in conjunction with the Undergraduate Bulletin, the definitive source on curriculum matters. A complete list of academic worksheets is available on the Worksheets page.

Information on Majors

The “Information on Majors” page is a great resource for those exploring majors.  Each major is listed with suggested and required beginning courses (the lists do not include every required course for the major).  Additionally, you can find websites for the major, people and more.  Use this resource to locate contacts if you have have questions about the major, courses in the department, or post-graduate career opportunities.


The Undergraduate Bulletin is the definitive source for general education, major, and minor requirements. You should consult the Bulletin of the year you matriculated to Carolina. Simply browsing the Bulletin is a great way to explore all the different academic opportunities across the University, such as courses, majors, minors, and honors programs. The Bulletin is a resource that should be used along side academic advising, worksheet updates, and Tar Heel Tracker audits.