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General Education Requirements

First-Year Foundations are classes you must take by the end of your first year at Carolina. These classes include: College Thriving (IDST 101), a First-Year Seminar or First-Year Launch (choose ONE), ENGL 105 or ENGL 105i, and Triple-I (including a lecture plus the data literacy lab).

The Global Language requirement is also part of the First-Year Foundations (FYF) requirements. Although we recommend you start taking your language during your first year, this is the only FYF requirement that you do not need to complete by the end of your first year. You must demonstrate proficiency in a language through level 3 before you graduate.

Please make sure to send all test score reports and transcripts to UNC Admissions prior to class registration.

You should review the following information about language and math placement before you attend New Student Orientation.

For information about language placement, click here.

For information about math placement, click here.

Registration and Important Dates

We understand that this is an exciting time, and it is likely you are ready to get started planning your courses for this Fall. While New Student Orientation will provide you with most of this information, we wanted to provide you with some tools if you want to get a head start.

If you have questions about any of these tools, save them for your New Student Orientation session. Most of your questions will be answered there, but if they are not, you will have a chance to ask!

The Undergraduate Catalog provides information about UNC’s policies and procedures. The Catalog also has a comprehensive list of all the courses offered at UNC. While each course may not be offered each semester, you can get a feel for what courses interest you.

At New Student Orientation, we will tell you about the general education requirements for graduation. The Undergraduate Catalog will list what general education requirements each course fulfills.

The New Student Guide is a great resource for your first year at UNC. This resource has information about appropriate courses for first-year students and information about building your schedule.

Canvas is UNC’s course management platform (similar to Blackboard or Google Classroom). Most of your courses will have pages on Canvas. You will also be assigned to a UNC Advising page on Canvas. On this site, we will share information about appropriate courses for first-year students, curriculum information, and a course registration guide to assist your during your first year at UNC.

To access the UNC Advising Canvas page, please visit: canvas.unc.edu and sign in with your “Onyen Login.”

The Tar Heel Tracker is the university’s degree audit system. Using Tar Heel Tracker, you can review which degree requirements have been satisfied and which requirements you still need to fulfill.

Your academic advisor will review your Tar Heel Tracker with you periodically. You can also review the Tar Heel Tracker on your own. See instructions on how to access your Tar Heel Tracker.