About New Student Orientation

How do I sign up for New Student Orientation?

Please visit the First-Year students section of the New Student and Family Programs (NSFP) website to register for your New Student Orientation session.

Is there an advantage to attending a New Student Orientation session earlier in the summer?

No. We suggest that you choose the New Student Orientation session that works best with your schedule because your registration dates are based on when you attend. There is an equal number of course seats reserved for every registration window just for first-year students, so it does not matter which New Student Orientation session you select.

What can I expect from UNC Advising during New Student Orientation?

Advisors will facilitate two sessions during Day 2 of New Student Orientation. In these sessions, you will learn more about choosing your major, extracurricular options on campus (i.e. study abroad, research, departmental opportunities), and how to create your fall semester schedule.

Test Scores and Transfer Credits

Where do I send my test scores and transfer credits?

You will need to send your test scores and transfer credits to UNC Admissions. Please refer to the First-Year Admitted Student Checklist.

Some of my test credits from high school are pending. How could this impact my fall registration?

  • Try to avoid registering for courses for which you expect to earn credit. BE (by exam) credit may fulfill general education and/or major requirements or may provide you with the prerequisite needed for another class.
  • To be considered for credit and/or placement, you must ask the appropriate testing service to send UNC Admissions their official test results. Please use the Placement Credit Tables as a reference to view scores and credit hours awarded.
  • Many courses have prerequisites that are set in ConnectCarolina and you may not be able to enroll in them unless you have that posted credit.  If you do not have that credit, you must wait until you have sent your scores in and the credit is evaluated and posted by UNC Admissions.

Course Registration

When can I register for fall classes?

Your fall registration appointment is based on when you attend New Student Orientation. Review First-Year Orientation Dates and Schedules for dates when you can register for fall classes.

The class I am trying to enroll in is open, but ConnectCarolina will not let me enroll.

Academic departments may choose to restrict enrollment in certain courses. Common reasons include: (a) The class is reserved for certain majors only, or (b) The class is reserved for a specific group of students (e.g., juniors or seniors).

What if a course I want/need to enroll in is closed?

Registration is a fluid process. Remember, students can adjust their course schedules through the fifth day of classes. Below are some tips to help you enroll:

  • Continue to check course availability throughout the registration period. Remember, UNC Advising cannot enroll you in courses.
  • Search for open sections that you may not have added to your shopping cart initially.
  • Register for another course of interest for now.

When can I adjust my initial schedule?

Your course schedule can be adjusted during Open Enrollment. Review the Open Enrollment dates here.

What if I am enrolled in less than 12 credit hours?

You need to enroll in at least 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student. If you are still trying to add courses to your schedule, continue to search for open classes to add to your course schedule. You have until the end of your registration period (the fifth day of classes) to create a full-time course schedule.

What is the maximum number of credit hours I can take?

18 credit hours is the maximum credit limit.

UNC Advising

When will my academic advisor by assigned? Who is my assigned academic advisor?

Your academic advisor will be assigned by the start of the fall semester.

You can find your assigned academic advisor by visiting your Student Center on ConnectCarolina. Your assigned advisor’s name will be listed in the box on the bottom right titled, “Program Advisor.”

When can I make an appointment with my assigned advisor?

Once assigned, your advisor will email you when it’s time to schedule your first advising meeting.

How should I prepare for my first meeting with my assigned academic advisor?

Please prepare any questions you have about your fall class schedule, transfer/test credits, and registration. During your first meeting, your advisor will discuss your first semester with you. After the summer/early fall semester, your advisor can meet with you to discuss long-term course planning.

Schedule Feedback

You will receive a schedule feedback email from an academic advisor within 10 business days after registering. Your advisor will review your fall schedule to make sure your classes are well-balanced and first-year appropriate. If you have any concerns after receiving this email, please respond to the advisor who sent your feedback email.

How do I change my major or minor?

Starting this fall, to change a major or minor you will need to schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor or visit virtual drop-in hours. Your advisor will help you determine if it is feasible to complete your chosen major/minor(s) within the eight-semester limit.

When can I add a second major and/or minor?

You can declare a second major and/or minor when you meet with your advisor after the first week of classes.

I haven’t decided on a major yet. What should I do?

Many students arrive at Carolina uncertain of which major(s) to pursue. While you must declare a primary major by the second semester of your sophomore year, you should not be afraid to explore the many options offered at UNC Chapel Hill.

What if my question isn’t listed here?

Your questions will be answered this summer during your New Student Orientation session. If you have a time sensitive question, please contact advising@unc.edu.