Students will receive most of the information and guidance they need for registration during New Student Orientation. Further information can be found on the University Registrar‘s website and here on our website. We strongly recommend that students use the online class search function to determine the availability of courses during a given semester. There is a master list of all courses offered in each semester, in alphabetical order, on the University Registrar’s website.

The first week of classes in the new semester is an optimal time to try to add a previously closed class since there are many students who drop classes once they have attended. Students may be able to add a class that was full at Registration, but is now open. Only the professor and the department control the number of students in a class. Students may attend the first meeting of the class and ask if they may be allowed to sit in with hopes of adding the class. The Romance StudiesDepartment and the Psychology Department do not allow students to sit in on courses in their effort to add the class; nor may a student sit in on English composition classes (ENGL 100/105/105i).  Students are encouraged to explore other interests and consider alternate classes whenever possible.

If a student is waitlisted for a course, the student will remain on the waitlist until it is purged. If seats in the course open, students will be enrolled in the course based on their priority on the waitlist. If no seats become available, when the waitlist is purged all students are dropped from the waitlist.

A recitation section is a required small group discussion section connected to a large lecture course. Its purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to ask questions and further explore topics from the lecture. Attendance in recitations is required.