UNC-Chapel Hill strongly recommends that all incoming first-year students take the SAT Subject Test in mathematics.  The SAT Math Subject Test is the main vehicle for determining placement into the Mathematics (MATH) or Statistics and Operations Research (STOR) courses that are integral to majors in the natural science, mathematics, business, economics and pre-health professions.  If your student thinks they will ever need to take calculus, statistics, or chemistry, they should take the SAT Subject Test. The Chemistry Department does not allow students to sign up for Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 101/101L) without a math placement score.  While some majors do not require a course specifically in Mathematics or Statistics and Operations Research, we recommend that students take the test since students often change majors in their first two years.

There are two versions of the SAT Subject Test in mathematics. Students should take level 2 if they took calculus in high school or plan to declare a major that requires calculus, and especially if they plan to take calculus their first semester. Students should take level 1 if they intend to take college algebra or precalculus as their first mathematics course.

Important note:  Because AP and IB scores are not reported until mid-July, we recommend that students take the SAT Subject Test in mathematics during their senior year in high school. This should ensure that the student has a math placement score by the beginning of the Fall semester.

Please visit the Math Department’s website at http://math.unc.edu/for-undergrads/placement-info/ for additional information. The dates of upcoming SAT Math Subject Tests are available at the College Board website at www.collegeboard.org.