Juniors and Seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences may receive academic advising from their major department as well as from academic advisors in the Academic Advising Program. The availability of departmental advisors varies with each major department. Some departments have a formal faculty advising system for majors. In other departments, the advising is less formal.

Departmental advisors will guide students in selecting courses within their major, and can discuss career and educational opportunities in the field.  Departmental representatives will ensure that students understand what to expect from the department and familiarize students with departmental procedures such as accessing a departmental advisor, receiving any necessary approval for early registration, and learning about special opportunities available to students through the department. It is important for students to meet with their departmental advisors or the Director of Undergraduate Studies early in the first semester of their junior year and thereafter as needed or required. Certain majors may require that students with junior standing meet with them before registering for the following semester. Even if students receive departmental advising, they should still meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Program at least once per year since it is this office that certifies that they have fulfilled all graduation requirements.