Once you have been through first-year orientation and have begun to familiarize yourself with university resources, it’s time to get started on your college academics.  At Carolina, we expect you to take primary responsibility for your education.  Below are some guidelines to help you along the way.

First semester

Your to-do-list before fall semester begins
Your to-do list during the first half of first semester
  • Finalize your class schedule and prioritize academics
  • Put the dates of your final exams in your calendar
  • Understand when and how to access academic advising
  • Visit web sites and/or offices of academic resources on campus
  • Make an effort to speak with professors during office hours
  • Be aware of appropriate etiquette when writing to or interacting with professors or university employees
  • Assess your performance and prior to the eight-week drop deadline, make any adjustments to your schedule, making sure you remain in at least 12 academic hours
  • Become familiar with requirements for majors you are considering
  • Consider attending a First Year pre-registration workshop (general or major-specific) in late October/early November
  • Know about controlled/restricted courses and how to follow-up or register for such classes
Your to-do list for the second half of first semester
  • Be sure that AP/IB/BE scores have been received and the correct credit is posted
  • Be sure that transcripts from any courses taken at another institution have been received and the correct credit is posted
  • Know the eligibility requirements to return in good standing for spring semester
  • Know that there is no grade replacement policy and understand the implications of retaking a course
  • Check your fall grades and eligibility status before spring semester begins
  • Know the appeals deadline dates
  • Find out whether any relevant placement tests will be offered before classes start

Second semester

Your to-do list for first half of second semester
  • Enroll in ENGL 105 if you did not complete it in the fall; it is advised to begin/continue your foreign language.
  • Adjust your course schedule as needed to stay on track with requirements and interests
  • Proactively make use of academic resources
  • Begin to consider your summer plans – if considering coursework elsewhere, research registration policies and have your courses pre-approved
  • If you did not have your mandatory first year advising meeting in the fall, schedule one early.  You will not be able to register for your third semester until you do!
  • Assess your classes; make any adjustments before the drop deadline
  • Prepare for summer and fall pre-registration.
  • Check ConnectCarolina for academic, financial and other holds on your fall registration.
Your to-do list for the second half of second semester

Academic difficulty