Commencement ceremonies, held in May and December, are intended for students who complete all graduation requirements by the end of that term.  In certain circumstances, students who finished within the previous year or who plan to finish at the end of the summer session may participate (‘walk’) in Commencement ceremonies.  Students who have not yet completed requirements will not be listed in the printed Commencement program.

December Participation

Undergraduate students who completed all graduation requirements in either August or December are eligible to participate in the December Commencement ceremony. The Mid-Year (December) Commencement Program will include the names of August graduates and of December degree candidates with an active application for graduation at the time of printing.

Only a few departments/programs have additional ceremonies to honor graduates.  Please consult the Commencement website for more information, including dates and times.

May Participation

Students who completed graduation requirements within the previous year (August, December, May) are eligible to participate in May Commencement events.  In addition, students intending to complete requirements over the summer, before the August graduation deadline, may ‘walk’ with their classmates.

The May Commencement program will list only those students who submitted a May graduation application by the stated deadline.  Students who applied to graduate in August or December will be listed in the December program.  These students are still eligible to ‘walk’ in May. The May Commencement weekend schedule includes a number of ceremonies in addition to the main University ceremony.  Among these are the Undergraduate Baccalaureate program and a large number of department/program specific ceremonies.

No special notification is needed for participation in either the baccalaureate or the main ceremony; simply show up at the date and time indicated on the main Commencement website.

Department/program-specific ceremonies

Departmental ceremonies, meant to supplement the main ceremony, are generally smaller, more intimate and followed by a reception.  In many cases, students are called up individually to receive a mock certificate  and there may be a professional photographer on hand to capture the moment.  Details, including dates and timing, may be found on the main Commencement website.

Many programs welcome students who plan to finish by August to participate.  Although these students will not be listed in the printed program, they are often included in the list of students called to the stage.  Contact your department/program office for information about participation.