This year you will work on completing intermediate coursework in your major and, perhaps, begin to dip into advanced coursework.  Continue to work on (and continuously evaluate) academic and personal goals.  If you haven’t already, begin to think about your path after graduation.

Expectations For Your Junior Year

Know what overall degree requirements you have left to complete your general education requirements, your major, and any other majors, minors, or pre-professional school prerequisites
Be aware of credit hour limitations from your major department: 45 credit hours from your major department can count towards graduation for a Bachelor of Arts degree; up to 66 for a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Music.
Explore or finalize study abroad plans if you are interested
If you have already been abroad, check to make sure that study abroad course credits have been evaluated and posted to your record
Seek out internship or research opportunities if interested
Understand the requirements for graduation with honors and distinction
Develop relationships with faculty in your major department

Where Do I Go For advice during Junior Year?

Continue to check with Academic Advising and your major department to make sure that you are on track for graduation
Many departments and programs require students to see a departmental faculty advisor prior to registration each semester to discuss progress in the major. You will not be able to register until you have met this requirement. Steele Building advisors cannot lift department advising flags. 
If appropriate, consult with pre-health, pre-law or pre-graduate advisors in the Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising office.
Consult with University Career Services for information about internships, job searching, recommendations, resumes, graduate school applications and more.
Consider enrolling in EDUC 132 “Career Planning.  This course is designed for juniors and seniors who are preparing to embark on their post-Carolina job search. Students will learn how to develop the necessary tools and skills required to execute an effective job search.

What If I Decide I Don’t Like The Major I Declared My Sophomore Year?

You may change your major at any time, provided you are able to complete the new major within your semester limitations. Talk to an advisor – you may have more leeway than you think!
Schedule an appointment to change your major; this cannot be done on a drop-in basis