Below is a list of languages offered at UNC-CH that may be used to fulfill the Foreign Language (FL) General Education requirement.

Language offerings vary each semester; check ConnectCarolina and/or the appropriate academic department each term for what is available.

Arabic (ARAB) German (GERM) Kiswahili (SWAH)* Russian (RUSS)
Czech (CZCH)* Greek—Classical (GREK) Korean (KOR) Serbian & Croatian (SECR)*
Cherokee (CHER) Hebrew—Modern (HEBR) Latin (LATN) Spanish (SPAN)
Chichewa (CHWA)* Hindi-Urdu (HNUR) Lingala (LGLA)* Turkish (TURK)
Chinese (CHIN) Hungarian (HUNG)* Persian (PRSN) Wolof (WOLO)*
Dutch (DTCH)# Italian (ITAL) Polish (PLSH)*
French (FREN) Japanese (JAPN) Portuguese (PORT)

# Beginning level is DTCH 402
* Beginning level is 401

Important: Students may not drop introductory and intermediate foundation language courses after the second week of classes, without permission of an Assistant Dean in Academic Advising. Permission is only granted under extenuating circumstances.

Remember: the General Education requirement for Foreign Language requires that you complete through Level 3 of a language. This does not mean that you have to take 3 semesters worth of language on campus; you simply have to have credit or placement through level 3.

If you place into a level beyond Level 4:

If the results of the online UNC-CH foreign language placement exam place you beyond Level 4, you will need to have your placement confirmed once the fall semester opens. Once classes begin, you may contact the placement coordinator for your language. If your placement is confirmed you will receive placement credit (PL) for Levels 3 and 4 (no hours will be awarded) and your foreign language requirement will be fulfilled.

Additional Information about Foreign Languages at UNC-Chapel Hill:

  • Most modern foreign languages classes at Carolina are taught in that language from the first day of Level 1.
  • Level 1 of some languages is only taught in the fall term (e.g., Spanish, Arabic).
  • It is more difficult for sophomores, juniors and seniors to get seats in introductory Spanish and Arabic courses. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly.
  • If you believe your foreign language placement is inaccurate, you must still register for the level into which you placed if you plan on studying that language. After attending class for a day or two, you may speak with the instructor about the possibility of changing your placement level. [The Department of Romance Languages requires you to obtain a “Change of Foreign Language Placement” form (or other appropriate documentation) from the department and present it to your academic advisor.]
  • If you have experience in Chinese, Japanese or Korean and wish to continue study of the language at UNC-CH, you must take the on-campus placement exam regardless of any IB, SAT or AP test scores.

Important Note for Latin

If you place into LATN 204 or higher based on the UNC-CH online placement exam, and do not have LATN 203 BE from another test, you are required to take Part II of the UNC-CH exam to earn LATN 203 BE and place out of the UNC-CH foreign language requirement.  Students who fall into this category will be contacted by the Department of Classics to schedule taking Part II.

Foreign Language Placement Coordinators

Asian Studies:  Arabic,Chinese, Modern Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and Turkish Lori Harris
French Prof. Nina Furry 222 Dey
Germanic & Slavic: Germanic Languages Prof. Hana Pichova; Valerie Bernhardt 426 Dey; 919-966-1642
Germanic & Slavic: Slavic/East European Languages Prof. Hana Pichova; Valerie Bernhardt 426 Dey; 919-966-1642
Germanic & Slavic: Central European Studies Prof. Hana Pichova; Valerie Bernhardt 426 Dey; 919-966-1642
Italian Dr. Amy Chambless 140 Dey
Latin Prof. Robert Babcock 224 Murphey; 919-962-7638
Portuguese Dr. Richard Vernon 140 Dey
Russian and Other Slavic Languages Valerie Bernhardt 426 Dey; 919-966-1642
Spanish Dr. Hosun Kim
Native Speakers Complete the form here
Heritage/Experiential Speakers Contact the person listed above for your language