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What is MATH 110 PL?
Do I need MATH 110 PL?
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Do I have MATH 110 PL?
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 What is Math 110

At UNC-Chapel Hill, students must demonstrate proficiency in college-level algebra before enrolling in certain quantitative (science/math/statistic) courses.  This prerequisite is known as MATH 110 PL (placement).  MATH 110 does not fulfill the Quantitative Reasoning requirement or any other general education requirement. MATH 110 PL is obtained by earning a specific minimum score on national standardized math tests.


If you are planning on taking any of the following courses and/or programs of study, you must have MATH 110 PL as a prerequisite:

  • Business (requires statistics/calculus-based course)
  • Chemistry (including CHEM 101)
  • Economics (major)
  • Exercise and Sport Sciences (all concentrations except Sports Administration)
  • Statistics (all STOR classes)
  • Math/Calculus (MATH 130 and above)
  • Management and Society (major)
  • Most science majors (including Psychology BS)
  • Pre-Med/Dental course work

Additionally:  the following majors have recommended coursework that require MATH 110:  Psychology (BA), Journalism (all concentrations).

If your anticipated course of study does not include any of the above, you are not required to have MATH 110 PL.  Quantitative Reasoning courses that do not require MATH 110 include MATH 116-119; PHIL 155, COMP 101, 110.  See the Calculus Sequence Chart.

How do I earn MATH 110

UNC-Chapel Hill does not offer a MATH 110 placement exam.  Instead, to earn MATH 110, students must take one of the following national examinations and earn the minimum score as follows:

Examination Score Required to Earn MATH 110 PL
ACT 27
AP Calculus (AB or BC) 2
IB Math HL 5
SAT II (Subject Test) Level I or II 520

If you took more than one test, the University will honor your highest placement.  Consult the Mathematics Placement Table for additional course placements and credits you may earn from your test scores.  The University does not award MATH 110 PL based on the SAT I Math exam.

If you need MATH 110 PL but have not taken one of the above tests, you should register to take the SAT II (Subject Test) in Mathematics Level II.  (If you have already taken Level I and do not intend to begin the calculus sequence above MATH 130–precalculus, you do not need to re-take the exam.)  Register for the SAT II at the College Board.

Can I enroll directly in MATH 110 at UNC?

Enrollment directly into MATH 110 at UNC is by placement only.  In order to enroll in MATH 110, you must be placed into the course based on a score from one of the following exams:

Examination Score Required to Enroll in MATH 110
ACT 26 or below
AP Calculus (AB or BC) 1
IB Math HL 4 or below
SAT II (Subject Test) Level I or II 510 or below
SAT I Math 500 or below