Experiential Speaker

A student is considered an experiential speaker if the student:

  • Grew up speaking a language* other than English or lived several years in another country, and;
  • Is conversant and literate in that language* (based on UNC-CH language departmental standards) and English.

*Language must be currently offered at UNC-CH.

A student meeting the above criteria may take a placement test in that language (if it is currently offered at UNC-CH). In this case:

  • The placement test is for placement only.
  • No academic credit will be awarded.
  • If the student places beyond Level 3 (usually numbered 203 or 403), the placement credit for the language may be used to fulfill the General Education Foreign Language requirement.

Native Speaker

For academic purposes, a student is considered a native speaker of a language other than English if the student:

  • Was raised in a country outside of the U.S., and;
  • Was formally educated through all or most of high school in a language other than English.

To verify status as a native speaker, students must complete an online questionnaire, which will be reviewed by the College of Arts & Sciences.  An in-person interview may be required to confirm status.

Upon verification of status as a native speaker of a language other than English, the student:

  • May use ENGL 105, or its transfer equivalent, to satisfy the General Education Foreign Language requirement.
  • May not be awarded academic credit hours for Levels 1 through 4 of the native language(s).
  • May, upon recommendation of the appropriate UNC-CH language department, receive credit for courses taken at UNC-CH beyond Level 4, if those courses are heavily based on literature, film, culture or other content.