Can you believe that this is your final year of college? Delve into advanced coursework and, assuming your general requirements are complete, consider making room for that elective course you’ve always wanted to take.  Continue preparations for the transition into life beyond college, whatever that may hold.  Enjoy your final semesters and finish strong!

Things to Do

  • Confirm that your major and minor declarations are correct
  • Make your required senior planning appointment. Meet with a full-time advisor in Steele, Loudermilk, or Hardin that works with your primary major by the end of your 7th semester
  • Check in with a departmental advisor
  • Connect with Career Services
  • Apply for graduation when you register for your final term (Spring, Summer II, or Fall)
  • Prepare for the commencement ceremony

Things to Know

  • If you are able to graduate with fewer than 12 academic hours in your final term and wish to do so, you must apply for graduation and request the Senior Underload option.
  • Considering transferring in credit your senior year? Be sure to discuss your plans with an advisor to understand transfer policies as they relate to completing graduation requirements.
  • Considering studying abroad your senior year? This takes careful planning  with Advising and the Study Abroad Office. We recommend that you make an appointment with each office to discuss how this may impact your graduation timeline.
  • You can request an official transcript or proof of awarded degree after you’ve completed all degree requirements.

Things to Consider

  • Reach out to faculty and staff for letters of recommendation for professional and graduate programs, as well as career advice.
  • Taking Courses After Graduation.
  • If you need to complete additional coursework for future work or study after graduation, consider taking campus courses as a non-degree post-baccalaureate student through the Friday Center, through Summer School, or at another institution.
  • Requesting An Additional Semester.  Students who entered college in May 2007 or later are expected to complete requirements for a degree program and to graduate within eight semesters of full-time fall/spring enrollment. Under rare and extenuating circumstances, students may request permission to enroll for an additional fall or spring semester. Students who are permitted to enroll in an additional semester may graduate with only a single major and no minor, even if all the work for the minor or second major has been completed.

Senior FAQs

How did it get so close to graduation?

No clue! It’s flown by for us too! 

How do I get ready?

Determine your remaining graduation requirements with an advisor & apply for graduation in Connect Carolina.

Will this application take long to complete?

Nope! It should take no more than 3 minutes to complete.

When should I apply for graduation?

The same day you register for your final term. This gives Advising more time to review your schedule and contact you if we are concerned about your graduation status.

What if I want to walk in the ceremony for a different term?

That’s perfectly fine! It is common for summer graduates to participate in the May or December ceremonies since there is not a ceremony in August. Keep in mind your official graduation date is when you complete all of your degree requirements and walking is not synonymous with graduating. Check with your major department regarding their policy on summer grads in their individual ceremony.

What is a senior underload?

An opportunity to enroll fewer than 12 hours in your final semester. Make sure you read the underload policy so you can see if it is a good fit for you.

How do I request a senior underload?

There will be a question you’ll need to answer on your application requesting an underload. To be considered in time for reduced tuition you must apply for graduation with an underload request by the posted deadline on the advising main webpage.

Is underloading different than part-time?

Yes. Our part-time studies division does not grant degrees, so all students must be listed as full-time, even if underloading.

If I'm underloading, can I still get a Duke-UNC basketball ticket?

Underloading students are still eligible for basketball tickets, gym privileges, & all the other perks of being a full-time student because they’re paying student fees.

Will underloading affect my scholarship/loan?

You will need to check with your provider, as this can be impacted.

So, now what?

The busy bees in Advising will review your application. This can take a WHILE since we receive 3500 each spring (so don’t wait for this review if you still have questions!). We’ll confirm what you’ve got left and email you the requirements. When grades are in, assuming you’ve met your requirements, we’ll approve you for graduation!

I've just checked my final grades, and I'm concerned I didn't meet all of my requirements?

Contact your advisor or stop by during drop-in hours and see an advisor in the Graduation Division. Drop-in hours are 11 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm during the Fall and Spring terms and 2 pm – 3:30 pm during the Summer terms.

And the ceremonies?

All the details for those will be on the commencement website, including a link to the Student Stores page where you can order your cap & gown, announcements, etc.

But you forgot something...

Did we? Then stop by drop-ins for quick questions  in the Graduation Division (ground floor of Steele) 11 am – 12 pm & 2 pm – 4 pm on weekdays or make an appointment with any advisor to ask!

So When Will I Receive My Diploma or Order a Transcript?

The University Registrar will mail your diploma to the address listed as your home address approximately 3 months after your graduation. Check Connect Carolina to ensure a permanent address is listed for you, and that your name is spelled and capitalized correctly. Then, pick out a perfect spot to display that diploma with pride!

For Official Transcripts: order online

How do I confirm I graduated?

Contact the Registrar’s Office or check Connect Carolina to see if your program status is listed as completed.