Welcome to Carolina!  If you are a new student, we encourage you to read through the Newly Admitted Students page.  If you are a continuing student, please note that there are special considerations during your first transitional year here. Follow the guidelines below in addition to those provided for your academic year on other pages of this section of our website.

Academic Planning – Transfer Courses and Beyond

At the start of your first semester, plan to attend the departmental transfer meeting for your major the day before classes start and/or arrange an appointment with a faculty advisor.
Familiarize yourself with the rules, regulations, major and overall degree requirements at Carolina – these may differ widely from those at your previous institution.  Do not assume that anything is the same!
Have a final transcript from your previous institution sent to UNC Admissions.  Be sure that includes your degree date (if any) as well as final grades.
Understand the rules and procedures for transfer credit re-evaluation.  Know when it is appropriate to request re-evaluation.
Understand that UNC limits undergraduates to a maximum of eight fall and spring semesters, INCLUDING transfer semesters.  Once your transfer credits have been finalized, check the number of semesters you have left and plan accordingly.
Use the Undergraduate Catalog to explore potential majors.  You may need to adjust your academic plans based on the number of semesters transferred.

Transfer Specific Opportunities

Tar Heel Transfer Student Organization (THT)
Tau Sigma National Honor Society
Transfer United
UNC-CH Transfer Student Resources
Other Campus Organizations

Useful Resources

Campus resources for all Carolina students.
UNC Student Success site
Carolina Firsts – first-generation college students