There are many factors to consider when planning your semesters, and your advisor can always help with this process.

Our general planning goals and strategies page is a great place to start prior to meeting with your advisor.

Special Considerations
Undecided Students – first and second year students exploring  majors and career paths
Professional School Majors – majors requiring admission to a professional school
Minors or 2nd Majors – considerations for combining multiple fields
Academic Opportunities – planning for on- and off-campus opportunities
Course Planning Resources
Undergraduate Bulletin –  definitive source of requirements, descriptions, policies and procedures.
Disciplines, Divisions and Departments – a list of topics and associated majors
Our Curriculum Tools page, including Academic Worksheets, Information on Majors, and Tar Heel Tracker.
Blank Long-Term Course Planner – To help you visualize a balanced four-year course plan.
Departmental faculty – For subject-specific advice on course choice and long-term goals.