Many students feel pressure to declare a second major or minor while at Carolina.  Only one major is required for graduation.

Familiarize yourself with the rules limiting overlaps between majors and minors, as courses above the limit may be used in only one major/minor. Also note that some departments have more severe restrictions on course overlaps.

Make sure that you have enough time to finish at least one major.  You will not be granted an extra semester in order to complete additional majors/minors.

Above all, when considering adding a minor or second major, ask yourself the following question:

Am I honestly interested in each and every course required for that major/minor or do I just want another line on my transcript?

If you intend to take all of the courses anyway, go ahead and schedule an appointment to declare the extra major/minor.  However, if there is even one course that you aren’t interested in, consider using that spot in your schedule to take something else and remember  there are times when a diversity of coursework can be better than a narrow focus.