Frequently Asked Questions

If you have fewer than 12 hours of required coursework left in your final semester, you are eligible to apply for a senior underload. To do so, you must apply for graduation on ConnectCarolina and request the Senior Underload option on the graduation application form. There are several rules and regulations to consider:

  • Senior underloads are allowed only in the semester in which you are graduating.
  • You must be enrolled in all remaining degree requirements and intend to graduate at the end of the current semester.
  • Applications for graduation with senior underload status must be submitted by the posted deadline each semester (the option to request a senior underload is available as part of the graduation application process).
  • UNC Advising will NOT drop courses for you; this is your responsibility.
  • You have until the drop deadline of the semester to decide whether or not to drop any courses that are not required for graduation.
  • Be sure to check with financial aid and student health insurance about any potential financial implications of taking fewer than 12 credit hours.

You can take classes during the Summer terms. As long as you are on track to complete your degree requirements by the end of Summer II, you can participate in the May commencement ceremony. Your diploma will be awarded in August after all final degree requirements have been completed.

If you cannot graduate in 8 semesters and need to stay an extra semester (Fall or Spring only), you will need to submit an Additional Semester Appeal.

  • You do not need to submit this form for Summer terms.
  • You will not be approved to stay longer than 8 semesters just to complete a second major or minor requirements.
  • Note for transfer students: Transfer students who bring in 30+ hours of post-high school transfer credit will automatically be granted a 9th and 10th semester. You do not need to complete the Additional Semester Appeal form.
  • Please consult your assigned advisor if you have additional questions.

Please contact your academic department directly if you would like to participate in your departmental graduation ceremony. Academic departments often send informational emails by listserv, so be sure to check your UNC email for details about your department’s graduation ceremony.

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