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Working Together

The UNC Advising Program and faculty/instructors enjoy a long history of working together to promote student intellectual development, academic success in and out of the classroom, and retention. The relationship between faculty and academic advisors allows for a more seamless advising experience for students. Each plays an important and complementary role in students’ intellectual and academic exploration.

The partnership between UNC Advising and faculty encourages student success. Given the rigor and high academic standards at UNC-CH, students experiencing academic difficulty are encouraged to consult with their instructors first and, if additional support is warranted, meet with their academic advisor. Advisors work with the student to identify supplemental campus resources and help them interpret University policies and procedures.

Working from Student Strengths

Our goal in working to enhance undergraduate retention and resilience is to work from a positive, as opposed to a deficit-oriented, framework.  We believe that to increase retention and student success, we need to work from student strengths, not weaknesses. Consider how you can help students find their strengths. Read this short article: What’s Right With You: Helping Students Find and Use Their Personal Strengths.

Faculty should also refer students, as appropriate, to academic support offices on campus.