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Academic Concerns

If a student is experiencing academic difficulties in your course, we encourage you to invite that student to speak with you during your office hours. Students can also be referred to their academic advisor and the Student Resources page to learn about other campus resources.

You may also contact the student’s academic advisor directly. This is often an important step as a student’s performance in one class may jeopardize their academic eligibility for the next term and could be reflective of their performance in other courses. The name of a student’s academic advisor is available on ConnectCarolina, or you may call the UNC Advising Office at 919-966-5116.

Once notified, the advisor will contact the student to share your concern and discuss strategies for improving academic performance. Students are always encouraged to work first with the course instructor. The advisor and student will attempt to identify areas of concern, and as appropriate, the advisor will refer the student to campus resources for academic, emotional, and physical support.