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This form is strictly for undergraduate students whose primary major is in the College of Arts & Sciences who are seeking cancellation of their registration (removal of enrollment) after a term has started (i.e., the first day of classes and beyond) and never attended or participated in any way in the classes. 

Before the first day of classes for the term, students may cancel registration (removal of enrollment in all classes) on their own through their Student Center in ConnectCarolina.  

All students should meet with an academic advisor and review the Cancellation Policy to understand the impacts of canceling their registration.  

In addition to submitting this form, students must request that the instructor for each class provide a letter of non-attendance that verifies they have never attended or participated in the class in any way. The letter of non-attendance must be sent directly from the instructor to Mrs. Ann Oldham ( and include the following elements: 

  • Student name 
  • Student PID 
  • Term (e.g., spring 2023) 
  • Course number and section (e.g., SPAN 203-001) 
  • A statement that the student has never attended class (i.e., never logged in online or participated in any aspect of the class) 
  • The email must be sent from the instructor’s UNC email account. 

Students whose primary major is in a professional school must contact their academic advisor or the Dean’s office of their professional school regarding their cancellation process after classes begin.

Non-Attendance Cancellation Request Form

Please enter the course name, number, and section for the class or classes that you would like to cancel based on non-attendance.
Student Acknowledgements:(Required)