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The Pass/Fail option provides students an opportunity to enroll in an additional course (beyond the usual load of five academic courses) or to reduce their concerns about competing with prospective majors in a course in which they have considerable interest. Students who declare a course on the Pass/Fail option will receive the grade of PS (pass) when a letter grade of A through D is recorded on the official grade roster and F when the course is failed. For the purpose of computing a grade point average, a PS grade does not count as hours attempted; therefore, a PS grade does not affect a student’s grade point average. However, an F under the Pass/Fail option counts as hours attempted and is treated in the same manner as F grades earned in any other course.

Course content and requirements are the same for Pass/Fail registrants as for regular registrants. The minimum performance for a PS grade is equivalent to the minimum performance for the letter grade of D.

Regulations Governing the Pass/Fail Option

The following regulations govern the use of the Pass/Fail option:

  1. Students may only take one student-elected Pass/Fail course each semester.
  2. No more than 23 total credit hours of Pass/Fail credit hours will be allowed in a student’s undergraduate career, with no more than 16 hours (of the 23) from student-elected Pass/Fail classes and no more than 13 hours (of the 23) from established Pass/Fail courses.
  3. The following courses may not be declared Pass/Fail:
    • Courses used to satisfy General Education requirements (with the exception of lifetime fitness courses and some experiential education courses that are only offered as Pass/Fail courses).
    • Courses a student has taken previously for a letter grade.
    • Courses in a student’s major or minor department or curriculum (or cross-listed with those departments or curricula), even if used as an elective. However, students who change their major (or minor) may count in the new major (or minor) one course previously completed with the grade PS.
    • Courses specifically required by the major or minor, including foreign language courses and any additional required courses (but see the note below)
    • Summer School courses
    • An honors seminar or honors course
    • Courses taken via interinstitutional enrollment
    • First-year seminars

Note: Prerequisites to courses specifically required for the major or minor may be taken Pass/Fail unless a specific grade is required in the prerequisite course.


Please note this information has been copied directly from the Undergraduate Catalog.  The policy can be found using the following link and selecting “Pass/Fail Option.”