Ann Oldham

Assistant to the Assoc Dean

1010 Steele


Ann is from Sanford and began her employment with UNC in 1985.  After being with the University for eight years, she decided take some time off to be at home with her children and work in the Lee County school system.   Ann returned to UNC in 2010 and is so glad to be back!  She was originally with Academic Support Services which was housed in Steele Building with “General College” and “Arts and Sciences.”  Upon returning to UNC and continuing her career in Steele Building, it seemed like coming home. Ann has two children; one a graduate from UNC and the other a junior at East Carolina University.   One of the main aspects of Ann’s job that she particularly enjoys is helping students or guiding them to the appropriate person in order for them to be successful. Ann and her family love to travel and go to major league baseball games.