The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is committed to helping each student reach his or her full academic potential. In rare and extenuating circumstances, students in the General College and College of Arts and Sciences may appeal to the Academic Advising Program for exception or variance from certain established policies and procedures. Submitting an appeal provides no guarantee of approval.

Deadlines and Notes

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog Policy on Awarding of Undergraduate Degrees and Transcript Notations “related policies” regarding time limits to changes affecting transcripts
Standard appeals are due by 10:00 am on Mondays to be heard that same week. Appeals are not heard the week of December 25 and the week of July 4.
Students submitting an appeal that affects academic eligibility who are/were not enrolled on campus in the current or previous fall/spring semester must also apply for readmission by the readmission deadline in the event their appeal is approved.

Appeal Types and Processes

Course Drop and Withdrawal Appeals – appeals for course drops and withdrawals from current and past semesters
Probation Appeal – an appeal for probation from students who do not meet the automatic criteria
Grade Appeal – a request to change a course grade based on arithmetic or clerical error, arbitrariness, discrimination, harassment, or personal malice
Additional Semester Appeal – a request for a one semester extension of the eight semester limit on undergraduate study.

  • Any student who is permitted to enroll in a ninth semester or beyond may retain a second major and a minor or two minors; however, permission for a ninth semester or beyond will not be granted for the sole purpose of completing multiple areas of study (i.e., a second major and minor or two minors).
  • Students who exceed 8 terms in residence may be subject to a 50% tuition surcharge. It will be applied to all counted credit hours in excess of 140 hours. To learn what is included in counted credit hours and for more detailed information, please contact Office of the University Registrar
Nontraditional Readmission Appeal – an appeal for readmission from students out five or more years who are not close to meeting current eligibility standards