After the second week of class, you must submit add, drop, and audit requests through your college or school dean’s office. Therefore, if you are a junior or senior in a professional school, you must conduct adds, drops, and audit requests through your professional school regardless of whether or not the course is offered by a department in that school. In turn, if you are a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you must conduct add, drop, and audit requests through the Academic Advising Program. The processes for requesting to audit classes in the College of Arts and Sciences follows.

If you are seeking an exception to the standard course load limits you should review the approval guidelines for overload and underload.

 class audit policy

You need the written permission of both the instructor and department chair to audit a course and may not subsequently enroll for credit in classes you have previously audited.  Auditing is not permitted in courses requiring significant class participation and work may not be submitted by auditors for grading.

For more detailed information about auditing, please consult the University Registrar’s Registration Guide and see “Auditing of Courses” in your Undergraduate Bulletin.

To audit a class, obtain an add/drop/audit form from the Academic Advising office during drop-in hours after the tenth day of the current semester.

  1. Complete personal and class information sections of form.
  2. Obtain initials of instructor and department chair.
  3. Complete and submit add/drop/audit form with advisor.