The University awards two different types of credit: by-exam credit and placement credit.

With by-exam credit, students are awarded credit for University courses and the credit hours associated with those courses. No more than two by-exam credit courses (6 to 8 credit hours) may be used as part of the major core, and no more than one by-exam credit course (3 to 4 credit hours) may used as part of a minor. See the “Credit by College Board Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or SAT Subject Examinations” section of your Undergraduate Bulletin.

With placement credit, students are awarded credit for University courses but no credit hours are awarded. Placement credit is often used to cover course prerequisites and even curriculum requirements. However, since no hours are awarded, placement credit does not count for hours toward graduation.

Students may obtain by-exam credit by taking national tests – ex. SAT, ACT, AP, IB, etc. Information on national exams and scores is available on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Placement Credit website.

Department Examinations

Department examinations are primarily for the purpose of determining placement, but in some cases, these exams may result in the award of credit hours. All department examinations must be taken before the beginning of a student’s last term at the University.

Not all departments offer examinations. However, many departments give scheduled examinations for introductory courses. Students are advised to check the Advising Guide and contact departments for exam schedules.

If students are unable to find an examination for a subject area in which they believe they could obtain by-exam or placement credit, they are advised to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the appropriate department to see about arranging an examination in that subject area. The department and college must approve the examination at least thirty days before the examination is administered.  If the department authorizes By Examination (BE) or Placement (PL) credit based on the departmental test, the department will request that the credit be posted to your transcript.

Please note that the Mathematics Department does not give placement exams. Students are expected to take a suitable exam or transferrable course prior to arrival at the university.