Cancellation of enrollment is, in effect, the same as not having registration at all. No entry is made on your record and no tuition and fees are charged. The official statement on cancellation of enrollment policy may be found in the “Academic Procedures” section of the Undergraduate Bulletin under “Cancellation of Enrollment.”

Prior to the first day of class, you may either email or visit the Registrar’s Office to request a Registration Cancellation. Further details on these procedures are available on the Registrar’s Cancellation Policy page.

On or after the first day of class, you may cancel enrollment only if you have not attended class. To proceed with a cancellation, you must contact your college or school dean’s office. You may be asked to obtain “letters of non-attendance” from your instructors to show you have not attended any classes. If you have attended classes but wish to drop all classes, you will need to seek a withdrawal.

When you are ready to return to Carolina, you must submit an application for readmission after you have canceled your enrollment. For more information, please visit the Readmission page on the Office of Admissions’ web site.