The course drop and withdrawal appeals process is used for both current and previous semesters and for both individual courses and complete schedules.

All non-medical course drop and withdrawal appeals must start in the Academic Advising Program, as must appeals for medical or psychological course drops made after the semester drop deadline. If you have questions about starting your appeal, please see an advisor.

Steps to Submit a Course Drop or Withdrawal Appeal

Before you submit an appeal, you should consult with an academic advisor to understand the process, confirm you are pursuing the correct appeal option, and get connected to appropriate resources.

  1. Begin to collect supporting materials for the circumstances cited in your appeal. It is important that you do this first and have the materials ready to submit simultaneously with the appeal form.
  2. Review the Academic Appeal Statement Tips and review the appeal questions and compose your responses prior to beginning the online form.
  3. Begin the Academic Appeal Form online. Please complete the form entirely in one sitting.
  4. Provide supporting materials and any forms/signatures prompted for you by the Appeal Form itself to Ann Oldham in 1010 Steele Building or fax to (919) 843-4775.

The online form and all supporting documents must be received by Monday at 10:00 am of any given week to be heard that same week.  Students who do not complete the process or provide supporting documents in time will need to resubmit the form and materials for subsequent consideration.

Course Drop or Withdrawal Appeals Decisions

An appeals decision will be emailed to a student’s official university email address within two weeks. If the student no longer has an official university email, the decision will be sent to the postal address indicated on the Academic Appeal Form.

Appeals decisions are guided by the Faculty Guidelines for Academic Appeals. While the decision of the appeals committee is final, students are invited to meet with an advisor to discuss the ramifications of the decision and their resulting options.