To declare a major or minor, you must see an advisor by appointment. During the declaration appointment, your advisor will review with you the requirements for the proposed major or minor. If it is feasible for you to complete the major or minor within the eight-semester limit, you and your advisor will complete a declaration form to get you declared.

While it is not necessarily recommended, you may claim multiple areas of study such as a double major or a major and a minor. In fact, you may claim up to three separate areas of study (except for three majors). For example, you may claim two majors and one minor or one major and two minors. Consult your Undergraduate Bulletin and see an advisor for more detail about multiple majors or major-minor combinations.

Major Declaration

You are required to declare a major by the second semester of your sophomore year. If you have not declared by your pre-registration period, you will not be able to register for the following term until you have declared or met with an advisor about your academic plans. If you are a College of Arts and Sciences student, you may declare any major in the College, with a few exceptions, as long as you can complete the major within the eight-semester limit. For a complete list of majors, visit The Office of Undergraduate Curricula’s academic majors page. For academic worksheets and more, visit Academic Advising’s Curriclum page.

Minor declaration

There are over 70 minors offered by departments across campus. Several minors require application and admission or at least approval from the department. These minors include Business Administration, Coaching Education, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Journalism, Spanish for the Professions, and Speech & Hearing Sciences. For a complete list of minors, visit The Office of Undergraduate Curricula’s academic minors page. For details on minor requirements, see your Undergraduate Bulletin and visit the appropriate department’s website.

Professional Schools

If you have fewer than 60 hours of course credit, you may declare a major in a professional school (such as Business, Journalism, or Nursing) before gaining actual admission to the program. This is often referred to as a “pre-declaration” or “declaration of a pre-major.” To gain actual admission to professional school programs, you must meet minimum entry requirements and are often required to apply for admission. Pre-declaration of a professional school major does not imply acceptance nor does it confer advantage in the application-admission process. While the College of Arts and Sciences does not administer professional school programs, Academic Advising works with students who hope to gain admission to professional school majors and minors.

If you are a professional school student who wishes to declare a minor or a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences, you must first obtain permission from your professional school. You must then obtain permission from a dean in the College of Arts and Sciences to complete the declaration process.