Grading System

Carolina uses a standard Grading System for all UNC-CH undergraduate courses. Note that the University does not have a uniform conversion system from numerical grades or percentages to letter grades recorded on the transcript. Individual faculty are free to set their own criteria for what constitutes sufficient mastery of course material, provided that these criteria are applied uniformly to all students within a given class section.  Generally, these criteria are spelled out in the course syllabus.

In some classes, faculty grade students on a percentage basis, then convert that score to a letter grade. In other cases, they may grade on a curve based on the distribution of grades within a classroom.  Each instructor establishes what performance level is equivalent to an A, A-, etc.

A grade appeal may only be made in certain very defined circumstances after attempting to resolve the issue directly with the instructor.

Also see information on Temporary Grades (AB, IN), Pass/D+/D/Fail and Auditing.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

UNC-Chapel Hill uses the 4.0 grade point average system. A student’s UNC-Chapel Hill GPA is based solely on courses taken at UNC-Chapel Hill (including Carolina Courses Online and Summer School).

Grades earned through transferred courses and study abroad credits are not factored into your UNC-CH GPA. These courses, if passed, are generally given a passing grade (“PS”) that does not affect the GPA.

  • A few Carolina study abroad programs are taught by UNC-CH faculty and letter grades are awarded. If a letter grade for that course appears on your record in ConnectCarolina, then it will be factored into your GPA.

Remember, a temporary grade of IN, AB, and FA is calculated as an “F” until it is converted to a permanent grade.

You may view your UNC-CH GPA on ConnectCarolina (under the Academics tab).  The University does not calculate your major or minor GPA.  To do so, use the grading system found in the Undergraduate Bulletin, referenced above. It is customary to include all courses taken in the department of your major/minor, whether they are part of the major/minor core or not.