The nontraditional readmission appeal process recognizes that individuals can gain personal and intellectual maturity over a period of years. In such cases, the University may choose to evaluate applicants for readmission on the basis of their current academic promise rather than their earlier academic performance. This process offers a way for former students who are far from current eligibility standards to restore their academic eligibility to return to the University and reestablish good academic standing.

Under the nontraditional readmission policy, the University reviews applicants who have not been enrolled full time in a formal educational program for at least five years. Details on the policy may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin and in the Office of the University Registrar’s University Policy Memorandums.

Students who wish to appeal for nontraditional readmission must submit the Nontraditional Readmission Student Form.

The deadline to apply for consideration for fall readmission is July 25 and December 5 for spring readmission.