Academic course load policy refers to University rules concerning the minimum and maximum number of hours in which students may enroll during a term. Academic course load rules are laid out in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students seeking exceptions to these rules must follow appropriate procedures in the circumstances outlined below.

Fall /Spring semester course load limit:  18 hours
Maymester course load limit:  4 hours
Summer Sessions I & II load limits:  8 hours each

Credit Overload

Credit overload refers to permission from a dean in Academic Advising to take more than the maximum number of academic hours allowed in a term. Ordinarily, you may enroll in up to 18 hours in a fall or spring term, eight (8) hours in a summer I or II term, and four (4) hours in a Maymester. Requests to enroll in more than these credit hour levels require approval.

Credit Overload process and criteria

If you are interested in requesting an overload, please fill out this form

Please note that meeting basic criteria does not guarantee a request for credit overload will be granted, as your circumstances are reviewed fully.

There are three ways to qualify for an overload of 19 hours (requests for 20 or 21 hours are rarely granted and typically reserved for seniors who need the hours for graduation or students in truly extenuating circumstances):

  • You earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.500 and previous semester GPA of at least 3.000.
  • You require an overload to graduate in the term requested.
  • You obtain special permission from a dean.
If granted, credit overloads go into effect day before the first day of classes of the the term.