Part-Time Classroom Studies (PTCS) allows students to continue their studies toward their degree on campus on a part-time basis. PTCS students are allowed to take up to 8 academic hours in a fall or spring term. PTCS does not apply to summer enrollment. In the fall term, students may transfer to PTCS until November 1. In the spring term, students may transfer to PTCS until April 1. Students must be in good academic standing to transfer to PTCS.

Students thinking about PTCS should consider how such a change might affect housing, health insurance, auto insurance, financial aid, and university privileges. Students also need to be aware of the following rules and conditions:

  • Students transferring to PTCS may not transfer back to full-time studies until two terms (not including summer) have elapsed.
  • Every 15 hours of credit earned in PTCS counts as one semester toward the eight-semester limit.
  • Students are not permitted to transfer to PTCS in the same semester they plan to graduate.
  • Students must remain academically eligible to continue in PTCS.
  • Students must meet all academic eligibility requirements to transfer back to full-time studies.

Students who wish to transfer to PTCS must see an advisor to review these rules and consider affects on academic progress.