The Pass/Fail option provides students an opportunity to enroll in an additional course (beyond the usual load of five academic courses) or to reduce their concerns about competing with prospective majors in a course in which they have considerable interest. A course that is declared Pass/Fail cannot be used to fulfill any general education requirement nor can it be a course offered in the academic department of a student’s major/minor. For complete details about the regulations governing the Pass/Fail Option please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

The period for declaring Pass/Fail begins after the tenth class day of the semester and concludes the eighth week of class. For exact dates, students are advised to consult the Office of the University Registrar’s Academic Calendar website.  Since a Pass/Fail declaration may not be revoked, students are generally advised to wait until after graded work has been received in the class to formalize their decision.  Note that this there is no guarantee that grades will be received in a class prior to the deadline.

To declare a class Pass/Fail, students must see an advisor during drop-in hours. The advisor will review policy, confirm deadlines, and if deemed appropriate, complete the required form.