A number of campus offices may place holds which prevent a student from registering and/or receiving a Univeristy transcript.  Students are advised to check for registration holds on their ConnectCarolina Student Center page. In general, only the office who placed the hold may remove it.  Further information may be found in the Office of the University Registrar’s Registration Guide.

There are three types of Advising holds affecting registration, each of which require an advising meeting before removal: first-year advising, major declaration, and major department advising. Note that departmental advising holds must be removed by the department, not by academic advising.

First-Year Advising Hold

First-year students are required to meet with an academic advisor by appointment during their first year at the University. If available, students can alternately attend a first-year pre-registration workshop. Students who have not met with an advisor or attended a first-year pre-registration workshop will be prevented from registering until they meet with an advisor by appointment.

Major Declaration Advising Hold

Undecided juniors and undecided second-semester sophomores are required to meet with an academic advisor if they have not yet declared a major. These students will receive an advising registration hold and will be prevented from registering until they meet with an advisor by appointment and declare a major.  Rising juniors with previously declared professional school majors will be shifted to undecided status if they are not accepted to the school prior to registration.

Major Department Advising Hold

Some departments require advising once students reach junior standing or earn at least 60 academic hours. In these cases, students must meet with a faculty member or department advisor in their major department before registration every semester. Students are advised to check their holds in ConnectCarolina to determine advising requirements well before their registration access period begins.