If you have fewer than twelve hours of required coursework left in your final semester, you are eligible to apply for a senior underload.

Senior Underload Rules and Regulations

  • Senior underloads are allowed only in the semester in which you are graduating.
  • You must be enrolled in all remaining degree requirements and intend to graduate at the end of the current semester.
  • Applications for graduation with senior underload status must be submitted by the posted deadline each semester (the option to request a senior underload is available as part of the graduation application process).
  • Academic Advising will NOT drop the courses for you; this is your choice and responsibility.
  • You have until the drop deadline of the semester to decide whether or not to drop any courses not required for graduation.

Financial Implications

  • You are responsible for full payment of student fees, but may be entitled to a partial refund of tuition.
  • Any refund will be based on the number of enrolled hours and the published Tuition and Fee rates for the current semester.
  • You must check with the Cashier’s Office regarding the amount and timing of any refund.
  • Students who are approved for a senior underload will be allowed to drop non-required courses after the 10th day of the semester, but will not be eligible for a tuition refund.

Things to consider:

  • On campus, you will have the same rights and privileges as a full time student. However, official enrollment reporting by the Office of the University Registrar will be determined based on the number of hours enrolled.
  • The University Student Health Insurance Plan requires full-time degree-seeking status AND enrollment in at least six academic hours.  Seniors on underload meet the degree-seeking status requirement.  Students in Part-time studies do not.
  • Check with other insurance providers (car, rental, other) to see if your rates will change if you carry fewer than twelve hours.
  • Check with the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid to see whether dropping below twelve hours will affect your aid package.
  • Consider the perceptions of future employers and admissions committees. Do they expect applicants to maintain full-time status?  Are you doing anything else substantive with your time?