The Office of Undergraduate Admissions handles the evaluation and awarding of academic credit for courses taken at other accredited institutions of higher learning within the United States by both current students and incoming transfer students. The Study Abroad Office evaluates coursework from international institutions.

Note that there are limits on the numbers and types of courses that may be transferred for credit to UNC-CH. The full policy statement on transfer credit is available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

For incoming transfer students

Consult the Transferring Your Courses section of the Admissions Office website and the Transfer Students section of this website for more information about transferring your courses to Carolina.  It is important to submit a final transcript to admissions which includes both the final grades and degree date (if any) from your previous institution(s).

Once you have received the Transfer evaluation from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, feel free to consult an advisor if you have any questions about how these courses will count towards your Carolina requirements.  In some cases, it may make sense to request a re-evaluation of one or more transfer courses.

For currently enrolled students

Current UNC-Chapel Hill students may choose to take courses during a summer or semester at another accredited institution within the United States.   You are strongly encouraged to seek pre-approval from UNC Admissions to know how courses will or will not transfer before you take them.

  1. Identify the types of courses (major, general education or elective) that you wish to take elsewhere.
  2. Identify institutions where you would consider taking courses.  Carefully note the differences in rules regulating transfer from two- vs four-year institutions.
  3. Submit a separate Course Approval Form. Note that you will need to submit a form for each institution you are considering.
  4. The Transfer Course Equivalencies and NC Community College Common Curriculum Equivalencies tables can tell you whether the courses have been previously accepted for transfer at Carolina.  Note that these are a guide and not a guarantee that the courses listed will transfer in the future.

Occasionally the host university requires “approval” or “certification” from your home campus.  The most common are listed below.

  1. Proof of enrollment and/or GPA at UNC in good academic standing.  This may be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar.
  2. “Permission” from a university official (advisor or dean) to enroll at the other institution.  Academic Advisors may sign off on these during either a drop-in or scheduled appointment, but require that you complete the Transfer Course Pre-Approval process first.
  3. Certification of good “social” or disciplinary standing is done by the Dean of Students Office.

Note that if you need an institutional seal on your application, you must obtain this from either the Office of the University Registrar or from the Dean of Students Office.